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We are leading manufacturer and exporter of silicone rubber products such as silicone rubber sheet, silicone braided hoses, silicone rubber braided hoses, industrial silicone braided hoses, sanitary "o" rings & gaskets, pure PTFE enveloped gasket, viton and silicone rubber cord, silicone tri clover gasket.
Silicone Rubber Sheet
We are having extensive range of rubber sheets from various elastomers. Our range consists of rubber sheets, silicon gel products, silicon rubber sheets, silicon sponge rubber sheets, rubber molded products, and rubber extruded products.  

We offer natural rubber / SBR which has good mechanical properties and is weather resistant. Chloroprene has excellent weather resistant and mechanical properties.
NBR has excellent resistance to oil and fats and EPDM is weather resistant and steam resistant. Silicon is excellent oil and fat resistant and can withstand high temperature up to 200° C. Viton can also stand high temperature up to 300° C.

We offer following types of rubber sheets:
Natural Rubber / Styrene Butadiene Rubber Sheets EPDM Rubber Sheets
Abrasion Resistant Sheeting Rubber Sheets Hypalon (CSM) Rubber Sheets
High Abrasion Resistant Sheeting Rubber Silicon Rubber Sheets
Diaphragm Rubber Sheeting Rubber Fluoro Elastomer (Viton) Rubber Sheets
Butyl Rubber Sheets Anti-skid Flooring Rubber Sheets
Chloroprene (Neoprene) Rubber Sheets NR Electrical Insulation Rubber Matting Rubber Sheets
Nitrile (NBR) Rubber Sheets WRC Approved Rubber Sheets Rubber
Rubber Mattings Rubber Sheets Rubber Floorings
Transit Floorings Rubber Sheets  
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